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Marto 754

List Price: $351.99
Our Price: $309.90

Length: 48"
Blade Material: 420A Stainless Steel
Handle: Gold and Silver embossed detailing.

Toledo is famous for its historical character, its art and its steel. Marto inherits the testimony of the sword manufacturing traditions of Toledo Spain among the list of the most famous swordcutlers of its time. High quality pieces the market clearly identifies as; MARTO PRODUCTS.

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ROBIN HOOD Sword (754)
The Marto 754 sword of Robin Hood commemorates the literary legend found in the classic adventures of Sherwood Forest. A hero to the poor and oppressed, and a thorn in the flesh to the tyrants who repressed them, Robin Hood’s rebel spirit transcends the ages of lore and can now be harnessed in steel.

The custom-crafted hilt of this magnificent piece displays a masterwork of color and decoration. Built upon a palette of antiqued silver , the gold embossed ornaments of sword, stag and heralding trumpeter Angels offset this cool patina with its deep green stone and dark leather handle. The pommel bares the renowned insignia "Robin of Locksley" . Intricate etch-work patterns dress the blade, which is of low maintenance 420 stainless steel and mirror polished. Overall length 48". Forged with Marto’s world-renown quality, the Robin Hood Sword is a worthy and popular addition to any sword enthusiast’s collection. Decorative use only.

The Story of Robin Hood
Tradition tells that Robin Hood was an outlaw who poached the king's deer in the royal hunting forest of Sherwood. Stories relate how travelers through the forest provided rich pickings for the gentleman robber and his band of "Merry Men". We hear how he tricked and outwitted the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, turning the tables on corrupt churchmen and officials who abused their power over an oppressed peasantry.

"Who was he?": To give a direct answer to the question is difficult. Apart from a few oblique references to be found in medieval chronicles, much of our information is derived from a series of ballads sung in the latter half of the Middle Ages. These were adapted and modified over the next five hundred years until the representation of Robin Hood was quite different.

A birth date in the 12th Century places this Robin Hood in the reigns of Richard the Lionheart and his brother John. The costs of providing for the Crusades to the Holy Land had crippled the country's finances and reduced the political structure to chaos. Perhaps the repressed Saxons were looking for a popular champion and found him in Robin Hood.

MARTO of Spain The most popular sword maker in the world. Arguably the best decorative sword maker to date. Marto was founded in 1961 in the old district of Toledo Spain. Their mission is to regain the testimony and the techniques of the master craftsman. Today Marto brings back to life the original art of the sword from the rapier and foil to the Japanese katana. Joining traditional hand crafts with modern materials, are a team of men willing to make a daily effort to achieve the unsurpassed quality which Marto is identified with worldwide. All original Marto molds are given the utmost attention so that no detail is neglected. The hilts are shaped from the original piece and are hand finished and polished. The blades are crafted from the finest 420 stainless steel and are fully tempered to 48-53 Rockwell hardness. Marto is also a skilled maker of Suits of Armor, Shields, & Small Collectibles (Martespa).


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Marto of Toledo Spain

Beware of counterfeits! Always insist on the officially licensed high quality collectibles.