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Non Firing Historic Replica

Model 1024 by Denix
List Price: $10
Our Price: $89.90

The rare C/96 "Broom Handled"
Mauser brings a premium on the
collector's market! You can own
this authentic replica for a tiny
fraction of the price for an original!

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Non Firing World War II Automatic Pistol by DENIX
The C/96 broom handle was developed in 1896. It saw action in both World Wars and came with a detachable stock.This is a realistic replica of the first successful automatic pistol, which was a favorite of Winston Churchill. While commonly carried by field troops in WWII, the Mauser has since been made famous in countless WWII movies. This replica measures 11.5 inches in length and weighs approx 3.5 lbs.


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Overall Length: 11.5"
Weight: 3.5 Lbs.

Replica 9mm Bullets

Replica 9mm Bullets SET OF SIX
SKU 22-52 by DENIX
Our Price: $

These replica 9mm bullets are a great accent piece for your collection. They cannot fire as live ammunition or be converted do so. They are intended for display and theatrical use only. Sold as a set of 6.

Gun Safety

WARNING! click here for important Safety Information

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