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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sold Out
Overall Length: 37"
Weight: 11 lbs "
Blade Material:
Cast zinc with a blood-red coating
Handle Material: Prop accurate ostrich skin style handle wrap and the wooden stake
9.5-inch circular plaque in semi-matte black, with the familiar "B" logo of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in gloss black for a subtle look.

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Buffy looks on in awe at the blade imbedded in the rock and, to her surprise, she is able to pull the weapon forth. As beautiful as it is deadly, the weapon poses a number of questions for Giles and Willow, who can find no mention of it’s origins and only know that it instills Buffy with a sense of great power. Only later, in a torch-lit tomb, does Buffy learn from a mysterious old woman that what she pulled from the stone is "A weapon. a scythe. Forged in secrecy for one” … to defeat the last pure demon who walked the earth. The old Guardian continues saying, "One way or another, it can only mean an end, is truly near..."

Created by the Guardians for the Slayer to use in the final battle where the last pure blood demon will be killed. Buffy stole it away from the First and Caleb. She killed him with it and used it with Willow's help to activate all the potentials into actual Slayers.

Now, Factory X adds the most anticipated Buffy the Vampire Slayer prop replica ever made to its line of fast-selling Buffy products. The Slayer’s Scythe was made using Joss Whedon’s personal souvenir prop scythe as reference. It is 37 inches long and 11 pounds. The blade is cast zinc with a blood-red coating, and the ostrich skin style handle wrap and the wooden stake, are all accurate to the prop. The Slayer’s Scythe comes with a display plaque.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer © & TM 1997. 2001 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. Factory X/Palisades Toys

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BUFFY COLLECTION: Page: 1 2backNext Buffy the Vampire Slayer sword or collectible
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Factory X Sword of Angelus replica prop from Buffy the Vampire Slayer