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SWORD OF THE LAST SAMURAINobleWares Image of Sword of the Last Samurai
The blade of this traditional Japanese Samurai katana has been hand crafted of carbon steel. An aesthetic Hamon runs the length of the blade ending at the blade's Kissake. The blade comes factory dull but can be sharpened and features the deep engraved Kanji Symbols of the Samurai House as seen in the movie. The handle features a traditional wrap over faux ray-skin. The Tsuba depicts an intricately detailed coiled dragon design. A wonderful representation of the Samurai Traditions in a safe blade Katana to be displayed in home or office.

Saya:The Saya of the sword is constructed of aluminum with a black high gloss finish. A black cotton Sage-o has been tied around a Kurigata. The fittings of the saya are cast in metal and feature a relief craquelure detailing with a glossed antique toned silver finish.
Tsuba: The Habaki is a solid one piece construction over a blackened steel alloy Seppa. The Tsuba is the classic coiled dragon design, constructed from antiqued silver finished steel alloy.
Tsuka:The Fuchi is matching antiqued silver finish of relief craquelure detailing. A traditional weave covers a faux white ray skin . Antiqued Silver Menuki decorate each side of the handle, styled like dragons.

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Overall: 40 1/2"
Blade: 28 1/4"
Handle: 12 1/4"
Blade Material: Mirror polished, 440 stainless steel, false-edged.

POB: 6" from guard

Note: These items can be finely sharpened as blade is fully-functional 440 Steel manufactured within quality standards yet due to delicate handle materials, this item is not recommended, intended nor manufactured for battle and is thus classified as a decorative piece.


In Japan, Civil War veteran Captain Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) trains the Emperor's troops to use modern weapons as they prepare to defeat the last of the country's samurais. But Algren's passion is swayed when he is captured by the samurai and learns about their traditions and code of honor. Algren finds himself unexpectedly impressed and influenced by his encounters with the Samurai, which places him at the center of a struggle between two eras and two worlds, with only his own sense of honor to guide him.

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MOVIE THE LAST SAMURAI : Page 1Movie Swords Next
Sword of the Last Samurai
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