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Leather Wrapped Grip
Battle Ready
Massive Sword!

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Though there are different sides to every story, there is one underlying truth about the tales of the Scottish hero William Wallace. He was a man of big deeds who used a big sword. Our 13th century two handed great sword is likely a sword that the fearsome hero would’ve been eager to use. With its 40-inch blade balanced by a solid steel cross guard and heavy steel pommel, this sword has tremendous potential in the hands of a skilled swordsman. The leather wrapped ricasso allows one to choke up on the blade to offer better balance when fighting in close quarters while both guard and pommel offer them selves as stout striking points in time of need.

The Scottish Claymore was usually identified with the Scots as a symbol of pride and strength. The Claymore, or "Claidheamh-mor" (Great Sword) in Gaelic is a two handed broad sword utilized by the Scottish Highlander throughout several centuries. Used in the constant clan warfare and border fights with the English from 1500 t0 1650 and still in use as late as the Rebellion of 1745, the two-handed Claymore seems to be an offshoot of earlier broadswords as they were developed into great-swords. It was said that the bearer of a Claymore needed no shield (how could he carry one, anyway?) because the reach of the sword provided its own protection.


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Overall Length: 54"
Blade Length: 40"
Handle Length: 13"
Cross Guard: 11.5"
Weight: 8lbs. 6oz.
Handle Material: Leather Wrapped Ebony
Blade Material: Hand hammer forged carbon steel

specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

The Battle Ready Wallace Sword by Valiant Armoury features a sharpened blade of high quality, strength, and temper, and is classified as battle ready and fully functional

54-069 Valiant Armoury William Wallace sword braveheart
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