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Sword of Veracity
HERCULES prop replica


List Price: $449.95
Sale Price: $289.95


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"HERCULES SWORD of VERACITY"NobleWares Image of the Hercules Sword of Veracity 585 by Marto Licensed reproductionNobleWares Image of Hercules Sword of Veracity 585 by Marto by MARTO
The "Veracity Sword" is a replica of the sword used the series "Hercules Sword of Veracity" TV episodes in Season Two".The ONLY version of this Hercules prop replica sword to be fully licensed by Universal TV. This top quality sword made in Toledo Spain is over 30.75" long and features the world famous high polished 420J stainless Toledo steel blade, a wood handle with four gold plated ring spacers, gold plated ornately detailed guard and pommel. The pommel end cap reveals a silver seal of a warrior in raised helm in intricate detailing. A must have for any collector. Each blade is stamped with marto Logo to secure Authenticity. This exquisite "Hercules prop replica" sword is made by traditional methods by Marto in TOLEDO SPAIN. For several centuries now, Toledo has been known for its high quality sword manufacturing facilities.

The Sword of Veracity is a weapon of immense power. Created by Hestia, the sword forces anyone in its presence to speak only the truth. Seeking the sword's power for his fight against evil, Hercules sought help from his patron, Athena. The goddess approved of Hercules' goal and agreed to help him find the sword. She led him to the Hill of One Hundred Caves, but the caves were guarded by a minotaur sent by Hera. Determined to obtain the sword, Hercules fought the minotaur. After a terrible battle Hercules defeated the monster and with Athena's help found Hestia's shrine. On the shrine, hidden among one hundred other swords was the Sword of Veracity.

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Overall: 39.25 inches
Blade:30.75 inches 420 high polished stainless steel with screen laser etched Kanji symbols.

Handle:8.50" hilt, wooden handle w/ 24k gold plated ringlets and gold plated pommel and hand guard.

Officially Licensed Product
Hercules Sword of Veracity pommel

Hercules Sword of Veracity 585 by Marto

Because of the nobility of Hercules' purpose Athena agreed to help him find the Sword of Veracity so that he could use its power in his crusade against injustice. She told him, however, when his need ended he must return the sword to its resting place. This way next time the need is great and the purpose noble another warrior may use the Sword of Veracity to carry on the fight against injustice.

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Hercules Sword of Veracity
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