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  Model HI596 MARTO
List Price: $
Our Price: $999.90

• Tempered Stainless Steel Blade
Retractable Spike Hilt Feature
• Museum Quality
• Official Highlander Product

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OFFICIAL HIGHLANDER KURGAN SWORDOfficially Licensed Kurgan Highlander Limited Edition Sword 596 by Marto of Spain (596) MARTO of Spain
The Kurgan Sword is the Highlander Limited Edition from Marto Swords of Toledo Spain. This massive two-handed sword is a fully licensed authentic replica from the popular Highlander movies and television series. Though the Kurgan's true name was never revealed, his tribe, The Kurgans, were known for their heartless cruelty. He is an immortal and the arch enemy of Connor MacLeod. This sword has been one of the most recognized pieces in the Highlander weapons collection. The black leather-wrapped grip is surrounded by cast metal handle parts. There are two retractable blade spikes true to the classic movie prop original. The massive double edged blade has a deep fuller running its length and offers a beautiful clean mirrored polished finish. Includes certificate of authenticity. A superb sword and a must have for any Highlander fan and movie sword collector.
Although this product features a blade of high quality, strength, and temper, this item is not recommended, intended nor manufactured for battle and is thus classified as a "decorative sword"
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Overall Length: 49 1/2"
Blade Length: 37"
Point of Balance: 3 3/8"
Width: 2 1/8"

Blade Thickness: 1/4" - 3/16"
Edge: Unsharpened
Grip Length: 8"
Steel: 420J Tempered Stainless
Weight: 8 lbs. 10 oz.
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.


Highlander Sword of Connor MacLeod history with this sword begins the saga of the Immortals. The original sword of the clan MacLeod was wielded by young Connor MacLeod in his fatal struggle with the dread Kurgan, for, later, serve as a tombstone for his beloved Heather in the Highlands of Scotland. They say that the black history of this proud and fast gun hides violent deaths of countless immortal.

Marto has been a leader in quality for nearly 50 years. The exquisite detailing as exemplified in this museum quality replica Scottish Claymore has established Marto as skilled artisans of the finest decorative swords available in the world today.

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