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Precious gifts from Father Christmas, Susan's
ivory horn, bow, and arrows save her life,
just as he predicts. Her gifts also enable brother
Peter and the great Aslan to track the evil White Witch.

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Relive Susan's transformation from stoic child to gentle Queen with these incredibly detailed 1/6th scale prop replicas. Modeled after the original Weta Workshop, Ltd. props, each piece is constructed with the quality and authenticity you've come to expect from Master Replicas.
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Master ReplicasThe Prop Story : The second child, Susan is the arguably brightest and wittiest, yet most skeptical of the Pevensies. She is logical and realistic to the point of being a bit annoying to her siblings. Even after Susan enters Narnia, she can't quite bring herself to believe in it. She certainly doesn't believe she's been called there to save the country and be its Queen. But Susan's trials will have a profound impact on her, causing her to realize that life can't always be reasoned out. Sometimes, it's more important to feel than to think.

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