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  MODEL 262 by MARTO of Spain
BLOW OUT SALE Price: $299.99

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Product Details  

  Available in Bronze(262),& Gold(263) finish
  Wakiashi Length: 27-1/2"
  Blade Length: 18"
  Blade Width: 1-1/8" at Habaki
  Point of Balance: 1" from guard
  Blade: AISI 440 Mirror Stainless Steel
  Blade Detail: Sharp edge w/sim Hamon
  Handle: full tang w/faux Ivory Grip
  Kogatana Length (small knife): 8-1/2"
  Kogai Length (hair pick): 8"
  Wakizashi in Saya Length: 30-1/4"
 • Stamped with Marto Seal of Authenticity
 • Wakizashi Weight: 2 lbs 6.6oz
 • Wakizashi in Saya Weight: 3 lbs 8oz
Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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The Marto 262 Dragon WakizashiMarto 262 Bronze Dragon Wakizashi made in Toledo Spain is hand crafted by Marto of Toledo Spain. This richly decorative Wakizashi is the perfect complement to its larger brother companion 252 Katana, Like the Katana, this Dragon Wakizashi features coiling dragon serpents sculpted in hand painted simulated ivory to create a stunningly beautiful hilt. The coiled serpent motif finds its way throughout the Wakizashi design from Pommel to Tsuba (guard) down to the Saya Kojiri (scabbard tip). The Wakizashi weighs in at approximately 2 lbs 6.6oz.
The Blade measures 18 inches to the Tsuba with a Tang that visibly reaches up through the handle for this 27-1/2 inch Wakizashi. The blade is of maintenance free AISI 440 Toledo Stainless Steel that is mirror polished and has been given a very sharp edge. It features a simulated yet realistic looking hamon that has been applied the length of the blade through a unique process applied by Marto bladesmiths during the forging stages. The Habaki is bronze plated to match and bears the Marto Logo deeply stamped on each side. The blade tang also bears the Marto Logo Stamp of authenticity.
The Tsuka (handle) features a beautifully sculpted winged dragon perched upon a stone, with head curled downward gazing upon a young dragon. The two dragon bodies are intertwined and wrap down around the blade's visible tang all the way to the tsuba forming a unique and very comfortable handle grip. The eyes of the dragon pair are set in faux ruby jewels the adult dragon detailed in browns and sepia upon ivory while the young dragon complements in shades of green upon ivory. The Tsuba is of a circular coiled dragon cast in bronze antique finish revealing the dragon's detail top view (handle side)and underbelly(blade side).
The Saya (scabbard) of the katana stealthfully houses a bronzed Kogatana (small knife) on one side of the Saya throat, and a bronzed Kogai (hair pick) on the opposite. The sharp steal single edged Kogatana is decorated with embossed floral design on its bronzed Kozuka (handle) while the Kogai features a dragon scene sculpted in high relief upon its grip. The saya body is lacquered in high gloss black that is mixed with hints of ruby speckle that glisten when cast in proper light. The traditional woven Sageo is tightly wrapped and knotted in rich gold and maroon threaded braid. Coiled serpent dragons decorate the saya throughout; one pair entwine creating the Kojiri (scabbard tip), and another is coiled at the throat with extended head and tail that intersect the coiled dragon Tsuba when the Wakizashi is fully sheathed.

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Decorative Model 262 Bronze Dragon Wakizashi by Marto of Spain
  Marto of Toledo Spain has been a leader in quality for over 50 years, and as many collectors know, the attention and exquisite detailing exemplified in this museum quality Bronze 262 Dragon Wakizashi continues to affirm Marto's premier position as skilled artisans of the finest decorative Japanese swords available in the world today!   Although this product features a blade of high quality, strength, and temper, this item is not recommended, intended nor manufactured for battle and is thus classified as a "decorative sword".
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Marto of Toledo Spain
Beware of counterfeits! Always insist on the officially licensed high quality collectibles.