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  MODEL 373.1
(Rare Item in Stock!)

List: $523.00   
Our Price: $379.95

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Product Details  

  Available in Ninja and Katana Styles
  Ninja-To Length: 35"
  Blade Length: 24-1/4"
  Blade Width: 1-1/8" at Habaki
  Point of Balance: 1-3/4" from tsuba
  Blade: AISI 440 Mirror Stainless Steel
  Blade Detail: Sharp edge w/sim Hamon
  Handle: Sim Dragon skin w/silver fittings
  Ninja-To in Saya Length: 37-1/2"
 • Stamped with Marto Seal of Authenticity
 • Ninja-To Weight: 3 lbs 0.8 oz
 • Ninja-To in Scabbard Weight: 4 lbs 1.4oz
Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.
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NINJA-TO OF THE GOD OF FIRENobleWares Image of 373.1 God of Fire Ninja-To by Marto of Toledo Spain (373.1 Silver) by MARTO of Spain
Izanagi and Izanami,(Japanese: “He Who Invites” and “She Who Invites”) are the central deities of the fantastic Creation Myths of Japan. One of their offspring was Kagu-tsuchi, the God of Fire. In the legend, Kagu-tsuchi's birth severely burned his mother Izanami causing her death sending her to the underworld. His father Izanagi, in his grief, beheaded Kagu-tsuchi with his sword and cut his body into eight pieces, which became eight volcanoes. The blood that dripped off Izanagi's sword created a number of deities, including the sea god Watatsumi and rain god Kuraokami. Kagu-tsuchi's birth, in Japanese mythology, comes at the end of the creation of the world and marks the beginning of death. With this Ninja-To of the God of Fire, Marto began their production of swords of for the Bushido Collection (The way of the warrior). This magnificent Ninja-To is part of the God of Fire Line of Swords which include matching Katana Styles, BRONZE (model 370.2), SILVER (model 370.1), and GOLD (model 370).

The Blade measures 24-1/4 inches for this 35 inch Ninja-To which weighs in at approximately 3 lbs 0.8 oz.
The Straight Ninja style blade is of maintenance free AISI 440 Toledo Stainless Steel that is mirror polished and has been given a very sharp edge. It features a simulated yet realistic looking hamon that has been applied the length of the blade through a unique process applied by Marto bladesmiths during the forging of each blade. The Habaki is antique silver plated to match and bears the Marto Logo deeply stamped on each side.
The Tsuka Handle is wrapped in a black dragon skin and bears a blackened silver medallion containing a curled serpent dragon in its center and family seal emblems (Kamon) on left and right. The pommel is capped with the head of the grimacing God of Fire wearing a Japanese Kabuto (helmet) with a dragon perched at its crest. The Tsuba (guard) of the handle are a pair of antiqued silver dragon wings. These wings that create the Tsuba are only half of a surprisingly unique design as when the sword is sheathed the unfurled wings unite with the dragon body that is perched upon the scabbards throat making a complete winged serpent. The dragon's head and front legs extend over the swords handle when the blade is enclosed within the scabbard.
The Ninja Scabbard features an ultra gloss piano black enamel finish and is adorn with a a matching antique silver medallion seal (Kamon) of the God of Fire complete with flames extending outwards left and right. As mentioned the scabbard features the dragon body that is perched upon the scabbards throat, that extends through the Tsuba "wings", completing a winged dragon form when the sword is sheathed. The Ninja Scabbard is finished with a Silver Kojiri (scabbard tip) also meticulously sculpted with the flaming fire motif.

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Marto 373.1 God of Fire Ninja-To
  Marto of Toledo Spain has been a leader in quality for over 50 years, and as many collectors know, the attention and exquisite detailing exemplified in this museum quality replica Sword of the God of Fire continues to affirm Marto's premier position as skilled artisans of the finest decorative Japanese swords available in the world today!   Although this product features a blade of high quality, strength, and temper, this item is not recommended, intended nor manufactured for battle and is thus classified as a "decorative sword".
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Marto of Toledo Spain
Beware of counterfeits! Always insist on the officially licensed high quality collectibles.