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VOLUME 1-2 (Beginning):
• Stances, Footwork, Basic Kickboxing & Defense
• Introduction to Trapping Drills & Entries
Ung Moon (5 Gates) & Wooden Dummy #3 & #4

VOLUME 3-6 (Intermediate):
• Intermediate Focus Mitt Drills, Sidekick Counters & Focus Mitt Trapping
• Trapping Sectors, Praying Mantis Drill, Don Chi Sao (Single Sticky Hand), Chi Sao (Double Sticky Hands)
• Loy Pac Sao, Biu Gee, Jow Sao & Ping Choy Gua Choy Series
• Si Lum Tao & Wooden Dummy #1-6

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VOLUME 7 (Advanced):
• Advanced Focus Mitt Drills
• Advanced Biu Gee, Jow Sao, Double Pac Sao & Ping Choy Gua Choy Series
• Advanced Reference Point Drills
• Grappling, Chi Sao (Double Sticky Hands) & Wooden Dummy #1-9

VOLUME 8 (Instructor):
• Jow Sao Series (The Helix)
• Split Entries Focus Mitts
• Chi Sao Instructor Level
• Wooden Dummy #1-10

• Sifu Dan Inosanto Teaches
• Extra Footage of Ron Balicki (demos, etc.)


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