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This magnificent Dragon Stand is a combination of cast relief sculpture mounted to a carved wooden base. The Dragon and Great wave design is constructed in traditional sculpted relief and is hand painted in tones of black browns and deep reds. The back non-sculpted side is finished in a matte paint and stamped with an artists seal in Kanji. The sculpture is bolted to the wood base which is finished in a high gloss black finish.

The cold casting has the weight, look and feel of real polished stone sculpture and measures 21 inches in length and weighs in at a whopping 9 lbs 8 oz. Designed for a single sword, this stand is perfect for displaying any prized Katana or Wakizashi. (sword shown not included)
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Weight: 9 lbs 8oz.
Wood Base & Cast Sculpture
• King Dragon and Great Wave theme

21 L x 4 Dx 11 1/2 H inches
Character for Dragon
Ryū or Ryu = Japan; Lóng or Long = China

Controller of Rain & Tempests
DRAGON KINGS, Ryū-ō 龍王 or 竜王
Pre-Buddhist snake or dragon deities (Skt = naga), which were later adopted into stories of the Buddha's life and into texts honoring the Buddha and propagating his teachings, are also called ryuu-ou 龍王. They live in water and have the power to control rain. In stories ryuu demand Buddhist treasures, especially relics, sometimes in exchange for quelling storms. In their kingdoms beneath the sea they guard treasures, such as jewels and Buddhist texts. Particularly when termed Dragon Kings (ryuuou), they may appear independently in paintings, or they may be shown in groups or as attendants to Buddhist deities. When water is shown in a Buddhist painting, there will often be a dragon in it. Ryuu appear in the Shougyou Mandara 請雨経曼荼羅, which was used in esoteric rituals for making rain.
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