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SKU: 16-123A

This Classic old style pocket compass with folding lid and antique finish would do any pirate, re-enactor, or even a landlubber proud. Measures approximately 3 inches.

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Pocket compasses are wonderful for personal or corporate gifts. A compass gift is the perfect symbol of guidance for the ones that mean the most to you.

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When fortunetellers used early examples of the modern compass during the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) in China, no one ever thought they would become as useful and essential as they are today. In fact, it took centuries for the compass to start being used in a practical way. Today, two millennium later, it is still our most basic and essential navigational tool. From exploration on the high seas to exploring your own backyard, these compasses will take you where you want to go. Measures 3'' wide.

19th Century Pocket Compass 16-123A  
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