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List Price: $88.99
Our Price: $64.95

Extended Length: 18.5"
Material: Brass
Features three adjustable sleeves and working optics.

This beautiful replica of the 17th Century 3 sleeve pirate style telescope, features a fine cross stitched leather wrap around the base of the telescope. Solid brass design with adjustable working optics. Measures 18.5" extended. Weight: 1 lb.

Ideal for display, reenactment or theatrical use.

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The telescope (or spyglass) is an optical instrument which can provide a magnified view of objects which are at a distance. Hence their association with ships captains' seeking out distant shores or pirate ships, for example. The invention and development of the telescope has been linked with many famous names, including Lippershey, Galileo and Newton.

Although the credit goes to Hans Lippershey, a spectacle-maker, some claim that the invention actually stemmed from a discovery of his apprentice who put two difference kinds of lenses together and was astonished when some distant object appeared closer. This was a refractor , meaning that it operated by refracting or bending light through glass lenses. It is the easiest kind of telescope to make, at least in smaller versions, and was popularized as the pirate's spyglass.

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