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Will Turner (A) Jack Sparrow (B) Elizabeth Swann (C) Davy Jones (D) Pintel & Ragetti (E)
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Each life-sized standup is made of sturdy cardboard with an easel attached to the back for support.

Will Turner is a blacksmith's apprentice working in Port Royal, and is in love with Elizabeth Swann. Will is the son and only child of the pirate "Bootstrap Bill" Turner.

Captain Jack Sparrow commands the legendary and accursed ship named the Black Pearl.

The beautiful Elizabeth Swann is the somewhat rebellious and pirate-obsessed daughter of Governor Weatherby Swann and is portrayed from the get-go to be in love with the character of Will Turner, a blacksmith and implied childhood friend.

Davy Jones appears along with his crew of half-human half-crustacean sailors aboard The Flying Dutchman. He is portrayed as a mutated cross between a man and a squid, with a wriggling beard of tentacles.

Pintel and Ragetti
were two of Barbossa's pirates in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. They were used as comic relief characters in the film. They are also sometimes called "The guy with the wooden eye" (Ragetti) and "the bald guy" (Pintel).

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