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SKU: PT6373
Cold Cast Resin Jewelry Box
Our Price: $

This collectible is hand painted and crafted in cold cast "stone" resin which as the look feel and even sound of real porous stone. You will be thrilled with the artist's attention to detail and quality of this Skull & Bones Ossuary Box. This Ossuary themed presentation piece instantly becomes the desire of every Pirate who sees itNobleWares Image of PT 6373 Cast Resin Skull and Bones Ossuary Box

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This collectible is made with high quality heavy stone resin with the look feel of ancient chiseled stone. Remarkable craftsmanship has captured the detailed features of this collectible. An affordable and functional piece for home decor that looks great on any table or shelf. Skulls resting upon crossed bones, bones and more bones in various patterns create the theme in this imaginative design. The lid is designed to be free lifting yet uniquely secures via unseen magnets hidden in the lid and base casting itself. The interior of the box and lid is lined with a black velveteen to protect all of your precious contents. The base is also covered in black felt to protect any surface on which this hefty box is proudly displayed.
Height: 3 1/2"
Width: 4 3/8"
Depth: 3 3/8"
Weight: 1 lbs 9oz
Material: Heavy Cold Cast Resin
Hand Painted Quality Detail
Black Felt Base

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