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Pirate's Treasure

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Add this necklace to your Pirate Plunder Collection and relive the days of olde! This special piece of booty features an ear ringed pirate skull and Aztec style engraved medallion, slip ringed to a 7 1/2 inch brown cord necklace.

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Excerpt from: "Pirate Warbands- For Mordheim off the Port Bow!"
" The lead pirate, who I took to be on of the senior officers, turned and waved his pistol to us. Loudly he stated, "Avast, scum! You will all do what you are told, and you may live to see sunrise. We will be relieving you of all valuables – stay quiet, or you’ll be a-swimmin’ without your innards!" I noticed his eye patch, only partially covering a long scar running along his face, and knew these were dangerous men indeed. The lamps and torches lit the deck with flickering lights as the pirates moved quickly and efficiently to transport chests of gold and boxed provisions to their ship, tied with several stout ropes to our own. There was a short commotion from the scholars when one pirate, a large and unsavory brigand clad in leathers so crusted and hardened that they creaked as he moved, began to remove several satchels of their precious scrolls..."

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PIRATE Miscellaneous: Page 1 2 3 4 5 6backPirate Accessories Next