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List Price: $129.00
Our Price: $109.95

Overall Length: 29"
Blade Length:
23 1/4"
Handle Length:
5 3/4"

Blade Material:
440 Stainless Steel with a slightly sharpened blade.

Leather w/ Wire Wrap
Scabbard: Wood w/ Leather Wrap

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We are proud to offer this beautiful reproduction of a Naval Cutlass in the pattern that was a favorite prize for many Caribbean Pirates. The 23 1/4" blade of the Cutlass is made of 440 Stainless Steel and is slightly sharpened by the factory. A shallow fuller runs down the middle of the blade with a false edge at the tip of the blade and a short ricasso. The guard is a standard knuckle guard with a flaring clam shell shield guard. The clam shell shield is fastened to the knuckle guard with a series of steel rivets. The combination of the two guards offers outstanding protection of the hand and the wrist. The black leather handle is wire wrapped offering outstanding grip and control. The pommel of the sword is steel attaching the guard and ends with a pommel button. The scabbard of the sword is wooden wrapped in black leather. The drag of the sword and the scabbard throat are golden steel. A steel carrying ring is attached to the scabbard throat. This sword is ready to be proudly displayed in any home or office. Great for theatrical use or Pirate reenactments.

The Cutlass was the ideal weapon for both the Pirate and the Sailor. As a tool the Cutlass was ideal for the sea man as it could be used for cutting through rope, canvas and wood. However, this was not what made the Cutlass a pirate favorite companion weapon. It was the Cutlass ability to be used in close quarters as a boarding weapon. The Cutlass was a perfect hack and slash weapon because if its short curved blade which made it a formidable sword in close quarters found aboard a ship. The Cutlass was a simple no-nonsense weapon and did not require the skill of a Rapier or a Dress Sword but was more effective than a saber. The Cutlass of the Pirate and the Sailor were very similar and most often the same, since a Pirates would take the swords from the sailors left behind in boarding battles and melees.

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PIRATE SWORDS : Page 1 2 3 4backNext Pirate collectible