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DUAL BARREL FLINTLOCK PISTOLNobleWares Image of Dual Barrel Flintlock non-firing replica Pistol model 10130 by Replicart 10130 by REPLICART
This functional, non-firing model gun has an elegant physique which sets it apart from all others with stunning elaborate silver and brass finished engraved swirling flora and deep sculpted depictions that run down from the barrel receiver, through the entire lock mechanism, ending in its stunning brass dragon head butt cap. The hammer, trigger, frizzen pan covers and dual barrels accent beautifully in a deep blackened finish. This exquisite non-firing replica has all of the features of highly expensive originals, including a twin barrel and frizzen assembly that rotates and locks upon a central axis allowing the relatively quick alignment of two readied barrels and pans to a single flint striker. Rotate the frizzens, cock the hammer, and pull the trigger – the hammer falls just as it did for those who could afford to own and fire them in America's colonial beginnings over 200 years ago.

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Overall Length: 14"
Barrel Length: 8-3/4"
Material: Wood & Cast Metals
Moving Frizzen, Hammer, and Trigger
Rotating & Locking Barrel Mechanism
Non-Firing Replica Flintlock Pistol
Weight: 2 lbs
  "Flintlock" pistols were so called because the lock uses a flint to strike sparks into the priming pan when the trigger is pulled. A small amount of gunpowder in this pan is ignited, which in turn ignites the main gunpowder charge in the barrel, firing the lead ball. Both the main charge and the ball were loaded from the front, or muzzle, of the barrel, after which the priming charge was poured into the pan – all very time consuming! Often the priming charge would burn but fail to ignite the main charge – whence the expression "flash in the pan!"
Note: You must 18 years of age or older to purchase this pistol. These handsome collector model guns are made of antique finished zinc cast metal and polished European hardwoods. The screw heads are molded into the metal and cannot be removed. These models cannot withstand misuse or excessive dry-firing. Cannot be made to fire real ammunition.
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