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Companion Dirk Sold Separately
Click HERE for 88FBD Officer's Dirk
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OFFICER'S FIVE BALL SPADROONNobleWares Image of 88FBS Officer's Five Ball Spadroon and scabbard by Cold Steel (88FBS) by Cold Steel
The preferred sidearm of American, British and French naval officers from the latter 18th and early 19th centuries, the Spadroon was a light, fast blade capable of duel-ending thrusts against small swords and it had just enough heft to hold against the heavier broadswords of the time. Though well-suited for thrusting, the Spadroon has a sharp cutting edge capable of delivering effective cuts. The "Five-Ball" is a reference to the five spheres in the knuckle guard. American Spadroons, wielded by officers of fabled American frigates such as Constitution and Constellation would have wielded Five-Ball spadroons against those of their British counterparts, or even the scimitars of the Barbary Pirates. This Cold Steel replica is made from 1055 Carbon Steel and is hardened to a spring temper. The guard is of faux ivory and brass. Not to be out shined, the scabbard is equally impressive. It's fashioned from rich black leather, and hand stitched, and comes with a mirror polished, solid brass chape, throat, and carrying rings.

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Overall Length: 38"
Steel:1050 High Carbon
Blade Thickness: 5/16"
Blade Length: 32"
Point of Balance: 5 3/4"

Handle Length: 6"
Weight: 20.2 oz.

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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88FBD Officer's Five Ball Dirk

88FBS Officer's Five Ball Spadroon and scabbard by Cold Steel
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