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Revolutionary War

List: $39.00

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REVOLUTIONARY WAR HAND FORGED TOMAHAWKNobleWares Image of Revolutionary War Hand Forged Tomahawk  30-300 30-300
Hand-forged, this Revolutionary War tomahawk is a replica of those carried by early Native Americans and American fighting men in the Revolutionary War. Rugged and full of historic flavor this piece features a hefty 1 3/8 inch wide hickory wood handle and a 5.5" x 3.5" steel bladed head. This Tomahawk measures 18" in overall length and weighs 1 lbs 7.4 oz. Bring back the flavor of the past. This is a perfect display piece for any Native American or Revolutionary War collection.

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Overall Length: 18"
Historically accurate

Hatchet measures 5.5" x 3.5"
Steel Head w/sharpness factory dull
Weight: 1 lbs 7.4 oz
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The tomahawk, or fighting hand-axe, like the Bowie knife was a survival tool that also doubled as a powerful close combat weapon. Soldiers in the Revolutionary War were known to use the tomahawk in battle. Though the Native Americans are the most famous exponents of this weapon, their battle use and tactics are shrouded in mystery even today. For the soldier, the weapon was used in a manner consistent with 18th-19th century armed combat, using aspects of both saber and Bowie knife.
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  We thought it would be interesting to share a youtube that we discovered presented by wildernessoutfitters that demonstrates the skills and techniques of an experienced and knowledgeable Blacksmith in creating a hand forged Tomahawk much like the 30-300 shown on this page. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did, and find a new appreciation for the people, skills and craftsmanship that are behind the creation of many of the historic replica products found at NobleWares and other historic replica and collectibles retailers and distributor outlets.
Clip Title: Tomahawk from a Rasp Blacksmithing: the Pathfinder School Blacksmithing Series
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