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XH2119 Hanwei
Functional Revolutionary

List: $139.00

Our Price: $119.99


FULLY FUNCTIONAL PIPE TOMAHAWK REPLICANobleWares Image of Fully Functional Revolutionary War Pipe Tomahawk XH2119 by Cas Hanwei XH2119 Hanwei
Replicating a museum piece from the days of trade between the French fur trappers and the American Indians, our Pipe Hawk (XH2119) is fully functional both as a hatchet and a pipe, with a steel blade, bowl and mouthpiece. As in the original, a reaming pin (for clearing the smoke passage) is concealed in the head of the end of the shaft. In a world of conflict and strife, we can always gather and share a pipe like this in traditional smoke with the intent of making peace with our brothers ...and if that doesn't work we can always resort back to whacking each other with the hatchet!

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Overall Length: 18 1/4“
Historically accurate
Fully Functional Pipe
Fully Functional Hatchet
Weight: 12 oz

  "Ceremonial smoking marked the activities of many indigenous peoples of America - rallying forces for warfare, trading goods and hostages, ritual dancing, and medicine ceremonies. Bowls, stems, and tobacco were stored in animal-skin pouches or in bundles with other sacred objects. Ashes were disposed of only in special places. Ornamental pipes were often valued possessions buried with the dead. There were as many variations in pipe design as there were makers."
Treasure the sacred traditions of the past. This is a perfect display piece with any Native American or Revolutionary War collection.
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