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1010 DENIX
Combination Weapon

List: $136.82

Our Price: $99.99


FLINTLOCK PISTOL AXE GERMAN 17th CENTURYNobleWares Image of non-firing replica 17th Century Flintlock Pistol Axe Combination Weapon model 1010 by Denix of Spain (1010) by DENIX
During the transition from Middle Ages to the Renaissance, exquisite combination weapons such as this 17th Century German Flintlock Pistol/Axe were fashioned that still hold their allure centuries after their crafting. This unique non-firing safe bladed classic combines the handy hand-axe or boarding axe with a flintlock to replicate a historic weapon that was doubly dangerous! The stock of the pistol serves as the haft of the axe, and the cast-metal axe head reflects a shape made for wide wounds and cutting power. This weapon features moving parts for safe dry firing. Rotate the frizzen, cock the hammer, and pull the trigger – the hammer falls just as it did centuries ago!

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Overall Length: 21"
Barrel Length: 7.5"
Material: Wood & Cast Metals
Moving Frizzen, Hammer, and Trigger
Non-Firing Replica Flintlock Pistol
Weight: 2.9 lbs
Noblewares offers adult collectible safe non-firing replicas of colonial and Revolutionary War period weapons including non-firing 17th Century Flintlock Pistol Axe Combination Weapon model 1010 by Denix of Spain
  Weapon smiths and armourers often doubled as innovators, called upon to devise new ways to defeat evolving weapons, defenses, and strategies. Far from being unlearned primitives, these men rose constantly to the new challenges given to them by their often-wealthy customers, providing improvements to weapons and defensive systems. Weapon smiths and armourers explored ever more complicated weapon designs, which increasingly meant combining characteristics of one or more weapons or other implements into a single package. Such combination weapons as this Axe Flintlock Pistol combo show remarkable creativity and technical ingenuity for their time.
Note: You must 18 years of age or older to purchase this pistol. These handsome collector model guns are made of antique finished zinc cast metal and polished European hardwoods. The screw heads are molded into the metal and cannot be removed. These models cannot withstand misuse or excessive dry-firing. Cannot be made to fire real ammunition.
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DENIX ® is a registered trademark of DENIX MANUFACTURING of SPAIN
Beware of counterfeits! Always insist on the officially licensed & name brand high quality collectibles.