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Deluxe Brass Replica

List: $38.00

Our Price: $34.95


DELUXE BRASS CEREMONIAL PEACE PIPE TOMAHAWKNobleWares Image of Deluxe Brass Ceremonial Tomahawk Peace pipe 30-202 30-202
This functioning reproduction features a 9 inch solid brass and steel head adorned with classic engraved native designs. Full of historic flavor this beautifully unique blade is constructed with a 3 inch steel blade edge which is covered in outer layers of brass and complemented with removable brass bowl. The wood handle is clean and smoothe measuring 15 1/2 inches in overall length and features an unrestricted brass mouth stem just like the originals. Bring back the flavor of the past. Use your imagination and dress this beautifully ornate brass Tomahawk Peacepipe with leather straps beads and feathers for the perfect and personal display piece that represents your spirit. A wonderful addition to any Native American or Revolutionary War replica collection.

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Overall Length: 15 1/2“
Functional Pipe replicates original
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Blade sharpness: factory dull
Weight: 1 lbs 1.2 oz
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  Wisdomkeepers are the guardians of nature's mysteries within the Lakota ceremonies and their practices, the medicine that is ruled by them, the songs that infuse our senses and our spiritual body, and the forces they produce that are identical to nature and its motivating power. These oral and entirely spontaneous transmissions, given by the three holy men, Joe Flying By, Dave Chief, and Leroy Curley, are a rare treasure of the highest generosity, directed for the greatest good. Their stories are told with complete equanimity, vividly conveying, without rancor or judgement, how Western civilization lacks connection to the natural world.
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