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A must have for historically accurate legionary reenactments!


ROMAN AQUILA EAGLE STANDARD Roman Aquila Eagle Standard AH6729 by DeepeekaAH6729 DEEPEEKA
The soul of the Legion, the Eagle standard led the way forward on the march and into battle. This Roman Legionary Eagle Standard also known as the Legionary Aquila, has a large and imposing eagle of brass and a two-part wooden shaft. The shaft has two metal grips that are painted to match the wood. The eagle is secured to the top of the staff with a retaining pin. This beautiful Roman Eagle Standard shimmers of polished brass and is finely detailed down to the feather; it weighs in over eighteen pounds and is 84 5/8 inches overall. A must have for historically accurate legionary reenactments!


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Overall Length: 84 5/8"
Pole: Wood with metal grips
Two Part wooden shaft
Eagle: Brass
Retaining Pin secures Eagle to Shaft

Weight: 18 lb 8 oz

(Note: additional oversize & heavy shipping charges may apply for this item)

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

full view image of The Roman Aquila Eagle Standard AH6729 by Deepeeka

The soul of the Legion, the Eagle standard led the way forward on the march and into battle. Roman armies had a plethora of standards by which troops could rally and commanders could view the placement of their forces from afar, and these standards had all manner of banners and Roman symbols mounted atop them. Every Imperial Legion however, had a single Eagle that was the foremost standard and symbol for the entire Legion. The Eagle was considered a sacred object and its bearer, the Aquilifer, had a sworn duty to maintain and protect the Eagle at all times.


Oaths would be sworn in the presence of the Eagle, and it was kept in a shrine at the Legionary HQ when at peace. When at war and on the march, the Eagle would be given its own tent. The loss of an Eagle was considered a severe dishonor of the highest sort and entire battles were fought to regain the Eagle and to regain Rome’s pride. The loss of three Eagles at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest was considered a severe black mark on the honor of Rome, the Legions and on Emperor Augustus. His successors wrought revenge on the Germanic peoples and the three lost Legionary Eagles would, in time, be recaptured after Roman successes against the Germanic Tribes.
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