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A must have for historically accurate reenactments!


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BENEFICIARIUS ROMAN STANDARDImage of Roman Beneficiarius Standard AH3540 by Deepeeka AH3540 Deepeeka
A Roman Beneficiarius was a special rank given to a soldier performing an extraordinary task such as military policing or the handling of important dispatches along the cursus publicus, or imperial post highway. To distinguish their position, their officers carried an ornate spear-tipped standard, while the lower grades wore a similarly-styled badge. Our Beneficiaius Standard is made from polished steel with brass accents. This standard top is 92 cms. (36.22 inches ) long and weighs approx. 3.2 kg. (7 lbs). It is designed to top a shaft of 45 mms. (17.5 inches).


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Overall Length: 36.22"
Material: Steel w/Brass Accents
Designed to top a 17.5" staff
Unique Design

Weight: 7 lb

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

STANDARDS (signa) One of the most striking visual aspects of the Roman army were the standards, tall poles topped with various insignia and symbols. The standards were not just for show; they served important practical functions as well. Each century, cohort, and legion had its own standard; during battle and other activities, these were held by officers called standard bearers (general term signifer) who were marked out from other soldiers by the animal-head skins they wore on their heads.


The standards helped to keep the units together, since the soldiers could see them above the action. Standards also helped to preserve the cohesiveness and pride of each unit, as they represented a concrete symbol of that unit's achievements. They were also used in various religious rituals designed to promote unity. A Beneficiarius was the latin term for a soldier exempt from normal duties, usually in order to serve in a specialized advisory or administrative position.
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