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List Price: $224.99
Our Price: $194.99

Dimensions: 17"x9"x8"
Circumference: 26.5"
Weight: 8 lbs

This wearable helmet is an authentic replica of the head-armor worn by thousands of Roman troops fighting to extend the Roman Empire during the days of Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.

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ROMAN EMPEROR HELMETImage of IR80651 Roman Emperor Helmet (IR80651)
This polished, high quality carbon steel replica of the classic Roman Legionnaire helmet offers solid construction with a 5" neck protector. KEY FEATURES: * High carbon steel with brass accents * Replicates an original * Perfect for the collector or reenactor DIMENSIONS: 17" x 9" x 8" CIRCUMFERENCE: 26.5 WEIGHT: 8 lbs

A galea is a Roman soldier's helmet. Most of the helmets used by legionaries had a crest holder. The crests were usually made of plumes or horse hair. Originally, Roman helmets were influenced by the neighboring Etruscans, people who utilized the "Nasua" type helmets. The Greeks in the south also influenced Roman design in the early history of Rome. On the front of the helmet , about 3" above the rim is a protrusion protecting the forehead. This was designed to prevent sword blows from penetrating the helmet and causing head injuries. The rear of the helmet had a guard that protected the neck from sword blows.


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ROMAN Armour: Page 1 2 3 4 5backnext Roman Swords