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List Price: $169.00
Our Price: $98.99

Height: 37"
Width: 29"
Weight: 8 lbs
Material: Leather covered wood

Marvelous reproduction made in wood covered in black leather, provided with central umbo and bosses.

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GREEK LEATHER COVERED SHIELDImage of PSUA1611 Greek Leather Shield (PSUA1611)
This is a full sized 37 inch by 29 inch replica of a Dorian(greek) shield is made of wood and covered in top-quality tooled leather wth brass toned accents. Handle and adjustable strap for use. Comes with hanging hardware for display. Perfect for home display and reenactments in theatre or field. Weighs approx 8 lbs.

Greek shield used during the VIIIth century b.c., with the characteristical oval shape with a scallop cut out from either side, known as "Dipylon" after a cemetery in Athens where a large number of representations of it were found. The "Dipylon" shield is almost certainly a direct descendant of the Mycenean figure-eight type shield of the XVth century b.c.


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