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List Price: $199.99
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Add more flair to your roman ensemble with this flashy belt. The balteus was one piece of gear the roman soldier hand picked and therefor became a symbol of the individual. This fine leather belt features decorative brass plates and studs. Standard adult size fits most.

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ROMAN BELT (BALTEUS)Image of IR80724 Roman Leather Belt Balteus (IR80724)
KEY FEATURES: * Strong durable leather * Solid brass accents * Perfect piece for the collector or reenactor

The balteus (meaning belt or shoulder strap) was the standard belt worn by the Roman legionary. It was probably used to tuck clothing into or to hold weapons. The plate-covered belt popularly called a cingulum was more likely known as a balteus. In the mid-first Century CE a single belt to support dagger and apron was most common, but the two crossed belts worn in Augustan times still appeared. They were generally covered with ornate cast or stamped plates of tin or bronze. The iconic "hanging strips" apron section added a personal flair to the belt chosen by the soldier and considered more decorative than protective.


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