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List Price: $660.00
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Greaves were widely used in the late Republic, and by some troops in the Imperial army. These Praetorian Greaves are made from polished brass with leather straps to secure in place. Excellently decorated with the symbols of the empire and perfect for both the collector and the reenactor. One size fits most.

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CLASSIC GREAVESImage of AH6123 Roman Classic Greaves (AH6123) by DEEPEEKA
KEY FEATURES: * Polished Brass * Replicates an original * Perfect piece for the collector or reenactor

A greave is a piece of armour that protects the leg. Greaves may be constructed of materials ranging from padded cloth to steel plate. Some designs protect only the lower leg (a half-greave) or extend upwards to protect the thigh. Greaves are most commonly found in the armor of heavy infantry, usually from ancient times. Greek hoplites wore a bronze greave on each leg. Triarii, the better equipped soldiers of the pre-Marian Roman Republic, wore greaves on both shins reminiscent of the Ancient Greeks. Principes and hastati often only wore one greave (on their left leg) or none. The Roman Centurions wore altered greaves from the standard Roman uniform. Later Imperial legionnaires did not wear greaves, except for the centurions who retained them. In the Middle Ages, greaves eventually developed to protect the back of the legs as well and these were called full greaves (the style which only covered the front became known as half-greaves or demi-greaves).


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