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List Price: $139.19
Our Price: $94.90
Overall Length: 15 5/8"
Blade Length: 10 3/8"
Blade: EN45 High Carbon Steel
Handle Length: 3 1/4"
Thickness: 12.3mm
This Roman Dagger, or Pugio, replicates the classic broad, waisted blade and is ridged and fullered for stiffness and lightness. Its full-width tang matches the profile of the grip. Features a carbon steel blade with blunt edge perfect for safe home display, reenactments or authentic theatrical and movie prop use.

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LATE ROMAN PUGIO Image of Late Roman Pugio AH3264L by DeepeekaAH3264L by Deepeeka
The Late Roman Pugio features an unsharpened carbon steel blade with central ridge. The steel grip is built over the blades full tang, riveted through the layers of steel and wood. The included scabbard is made of steel with a leather lined interior and red leather on the outside.

The pugio was a small dagger used by Roman soldiers as a sidearm. It seems likely that the pugio was intended as an auxiliary or backup weapon, but it found many uses, especially as a utility knife. The Roman Pugio was often highly decorated and were clearly a status symbol. Officials of the empire took to wearing these ornate daggers in the performance of their offices, and some would wear concealed daggers as a defense against contingencies.Like the gladius, the pugio was a stabbing weapon, the type preferred by the Romans. Of them Vegetius says: A stroke with the edges, though made with ever so much force, seldom kills, .... On the contrary, a stab, though it penetrates but two inches, is generally fatal. ... the body is covered while a thrust is given, and the adversary receives the point before he sees the sword. This was the method of fighting principally used by the Romans .The dagger was a common weapon of assassination and suicide; for example, it is recorded that the conspirators who stabbed Julius Caesar used pugiones.

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