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CREATION OF MAN II "GOD"Image of Creation of Man II "God" Bronze Statue 8702 by Pacific Giftwares 8702 Pacific Giftware
The image of the near-touching hands of God and Adam has become iconic of humanity and has been reproduced in countless imitations and parodies. The original depiction comes from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and was created by Michelangelo in 1511. This scuplted reproduction of Michelangelo's scene is an intricately detailed statue cast in high quality bronze resin and hand painted in deep toned patina finish. This item is one piece in a set of two (sold separately); the Creator "God"(item 8702 shown above) and His Creation "Adam"(item 8701). Both statues have the look and feel of aged bronze and are wonderful 3D representations of the painted scenes of Michelangelo's fresco. The cold-cast bronze construction of these statues gives a very realistic feel to each sculpture making them quite weighty in compliment to their relative size. Each base is lined with felt for the protection of your display surface.


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Length: 13 1/2"
Depth: 5 1/2"
Material Cold Cast Bronze Resin
Felted under base
Weight: lb oz
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The Creation Of Adam
The world artistic masterpiece known as the Creation of Adam is a fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo circa 1511. It illustrates the Biblical story from the Book of Genesis in which God the Father breathes life into Adam, the first man. Chronologically the fourth in the series of panels depicting episodes from Genesis on the Sistine ceiling, it was among the last to be completed. It is arguably one of the most famous and most appreciated images in the world. Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper and Michelangelo's Creation of Adam are the most replicated religious paintings of all time.
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