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LEGIONNAIRE'S PICKAXEImage of Roman Legionnaire's Pickaxe 35-004 by Deepeeka (35-004) by DEEPEEKA
This multi purpose battle axe was standard issue and a widely feared weapon of Roman soldiers for centuries. The dolabra - military pickaxe were provided with angled metal guards to cover the axe edge, tied on by means of thongs. When not in use in battle it served utilitarian purposes in setting camp, butchering animals, and preparing fires. It did much of the heavy lifting required to support thousands of troops on the move without modern day supply lines. This steel axe head measures 19.5" across and comes with a with brass blade cover. Wood Handle measures 30 inches. Weighs approx 4.5 lbs.

The Roman Army traveled on foot, building roads as it went. On the march, every legionary soldier carried his kit slung form a pole resting on his shoulder. A Roman soldier was very healthy! The men marched for 5-6 hours a day, covering about 18 miles before stopping to make camp for the night. Each man carried his weapons, helmet, shield and tools. Among his innovations were increasing the self-reliance of individual legionnaires by having them each carry their own mess provisions, basket, sickle, part of the tent, and a dolabra for cutting, digging, and chopping. This enabled the legion to clear land, and pitch an entrenched encampment at a moments notice as well as build bridges and siege engines. The dolabra was sometimes used as a weapon as well.


ROMAN Weapons: Page 1 2backnext Roman Weapon
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