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List Price: $250.00

Sale Price: $169.95

This historically accurate Gladius Sword replica features a 19" non-sharpened carbon steel blade, bone grip, and is complete with a leather scabbard with detailed Roman Scenes engraved in the brass trim.

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POMPEII GLADIUS w/scabbard image of Pompeii Gladius Sword with scabbard AH4211 by DeepeekaAH4211 DEEPEEKA
The segmented bone handle and beautifully detailed scabbard with battle scenes in bas-relief complete a sword that any legionnaire or centurion would have been proud to own. This Pompeii Style Gladius Sword features a 19" carbon steel polished blade is factory dull and comes complete with a leather scabbard with beautifully detailed brass trim depicting two figures and representations of the war-god Mars. Deepeeka's faithful recreation is based on the sword pictured in Michael Simkins' Warriors of Rome. The hilt components are hand-made, thus no two are exactly alike. The diamond cross-section blade, heat-treated at Deepeeka for maximum flexibility and cutting performance, has a 50 percent distal taper. This functional gladius, unlike many others on the market, has a very strong rectangular tang throughout, and is peened and threaded for extra strength. Length: 27 1/2" Weight: 2 lb 0.8 oz
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Overall Length: 27 1/2"
Blade Length: 19"
Blade Width: 2"
Blade Thickness: 5.1mm
Edge: factory dull
Blade Material: EN45 High Carbon Steel
Point of Balance: 4 3/4" below guard
Hilt: Wood w/ embossed brass fittings
Grip Length: 4 1/4"

Sword Weight: 2 lb 0.8 oz

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

full view image of model AH4211 Pompeii Gladius Style Sword with scabbard by Deepeeka

The Roman Pompeii style gladius represents the first major change to the Roman sword since it was adopted from the Spanish ''Gladius Hispaniensis'' during the early Republic. This thinner style blade was used almost exclusively for thrusting at the chest, belly and groin of the enemy, but could still deliver a respectable cut if required to do so.

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