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RARE ITEM! In Stock!

Collector Price: $444.95

Licensed Product from Ridley Scott's, Kingdom of Heaven, the Sword of Odo has its design origins from the Roman Lombard spatha. Factory Sealed New and in Stock. Quantities are limited. Get yours today!

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SWORD OF ODO Sword of Odo from Kingdom of Heaven 500812 by Windlass Steelcrafts500812 WINDLASS STEELCRAFTS
Directly by Ridley Scott, Kingdom of Heaven is the story of Balian of Ibelin (Orlando Bloom), a young blacksmith in 12th Century Jerusalem during the Crusades, who rises to protect his people from foreign invaders. This stunning Roman style replica prop Sword of Odo measures 42 1/2 inches overall and is adorned with a brass Imperial eagle embedded into the heavy and beautifully polished wooded grip. The dual-tiered pommel and guard are of antique brass pitted finish. The 34 3/4" blade is hand forged in high carbon steel, fully tempered, and satin mirror polished. The blade edge comes factory dull for safe display in any home or office. Includes decorative wooden wall mountable display plaque and certificate of authenticity.
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Overall Length: 42 1/2"
Blade Length: 34 3/4"
Blade Width: 2"
Blade Thickness: 3/16"
Edge: factory dull
Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Hilt: Wood w/ cast metal brass fittings
Plaque: wood, hardware incl.

Sword Weight: 4 lbs 3 oz

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

full view image of 500812 Kingdom of Heaven Sword of Odo by Windlass Steelcrafts

ODO in Kingdom Of Heaven-
Museum Replicas Limited™ is proud to offer this officially licensed replica of this stunning sword used in the epic motion picture, Kingdom of Heaven™, from celebrated director Ridley Scott. Every effort has been made by the master craftsmen at Windlass Steel CraftsĀ® to ensure that The Sword of Odo matches the actual movie blade in every way, down to the balance and form.

(Jouko Ahola plays the role of Odo (German knight) character in Kingdom of Heaven (2005) movie)
Odo: Have you been at war?
Balian of Ibelin: On horse. And as an engineer also.
Odo: Against whom and for whom did you fight?
Balian of Ibelin: For one lord against another, on a point which cannot be remembered.
Odo: There's better game now: one God against another. The pay is proportionate.

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Kingdom of Heaven 20th Century Fox
Beware of counterfeits! Always insist on the officially licensed high quality collectibles.