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Antiqued Tea Stained

List Price - $55.00
Our Price: $44.90



ANTIQUED TEA STAINED COTTON 50-STAR "OLD GLORY"NobleWares Image of Antique Tea Stain Cotton 50 Star Colonial Old Glory Flag 17-77 17-77
This 100% cotton American Flag has 50 stars, representing every state in the union. It features a tea stain antique application for a time worn appearance, and has brass grommets for hanging. "Old Glory" measures 3' x 5 ' and is created with an authentic aged, worn look, making it perfect for patriotic and heritage events and home display. Stars are machine embroidered with shiny gold thread on a dark blue cotton background. Stripes consist of separate strips in colors of red, blue and tea stained white, all carefully sewn together in lengths, a sign of good quality in a flag. For Decorative use only.


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Dimensions: 3 feet x 5 feet
Material: 100% Cotton
Tea Stain Antiqued

Embroidered Stars
Individually Sewn Panels
Brass Grommets


Old Glory is a common nickname for the flag of the United States, bestowed by William Driver, an early nineteenth-century American sea captain. However, it also refers specifically to the flag owned by Driver, which has become one of the U.S.'s most treasured historical artifacts. Driver was a passionate Unionist living in the Rebel City of Nashville Tennessee in the 1860's. Because the flag displayed a star for every state in the Union, making it a dangerous symbol of Northern Loyalties. When his home was searched by Confederate soldiers, Navy Captain William Driver, hid his beloved "Old Glory" inside of a quilt - keeping it safe from destruction.

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