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Colonial Style

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COLONIAL STYLE TRICORNER HATNobleWares Image of Revolutionary War Colonial Style Tricorne Hat 10-18 10-18
This leatherette hat is typically seen in movies worn either by deck hands on a pirate ship or colonial settlers enlisting in the Revolution. This leatherette classic tricorne(r) (three corner) colonial style hat measures 16 inches from corner to corner and has a height measuring approximately 6 tall. A soft elastic head band allows for a self adjusting, extremely comfortable, yet secure fit. One size fits most.


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Dimensions: 16" corner to corner
Height: 6 inches
One Size Fits most

100% Polyester


The tricorne hat - so named as it has three corners - was once widely worn, and later fell into more restricted wear as government officials adopted its use. The Tricorner style of hat was common in the late 17th and 18th centuries, and in the American colonies and Upper Canada during the 19th century. In the United States, farmers and average Joes wore the tricorner hat, and during the Revolutionary War period it was extremely popular. So prevalently worn during an such an important time in our history - the revolution - the tricorne hat has become preserved in our consciousness as a patriotic symbol of the period.

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