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Colonial Style

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COLONIAL STYLE WOODEN BLACK POWDER FLASKNobleWares Image of Colonial Style Wooden Black Powder Flask non-functional replica NW620
The Powder Flask was used to hold black powder for the reloading of flintlock pistols and muskets before pre-made cartridges became standard in the 19th century. Many were made and ornately personalized by their owner with etchings and carvings that could be considered works of art beyond their practical function. This replica horn has a solid wooden body which features a carved stag in meadow scene which has been given a softened worn feel and authenticity, as if extensively handled and centuries old. The ends are met with cast grey metal butt plate and dispenser cap that are both antiqued and equally realistic looking. Includes a 16" weave cord for carrying or hanging. This product was produced by Denix and is a non-functional historic replica. Perfect for home decor, costume theatre and move prop, or gift for any Colonial Period enthusiast or collector!


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measure 9" X 3" X 1 3/4"
Solid Wood Body
Cast Metal Butt and Dispenser Cap
Antiqued worn look and finish
Unique engraved scene on each side

16 inch weave cord

This Denix product is a historic non-functional replica designed to be used for authentic decoration, costume prop, and display purposes only.

(Please note: Although this item was designed to replicate an actual historical museum piece originating from the period, this item is NOT functional and is not intended to store black powder, or material of any sort.)

Shooting Bags & Powder Horns In the clip, the author talks about shooting bags and powder horns for historical interpreters. Lots of good info for someone thinking of getting into muzzle loading and frontier life.Even how to make musket balls out in the wild!

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