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22-801 DENIX
Dark Wood Finish
List Price: $18.00

Our Price: $


COLONIAL FLINTLOCK PISTOL STANDNobleWares Image of Colonial Flintlock Pistol/Dagger Display Stand- Dark Finish 22-801 by Denix 22-801 DENIX
Made from fine hardwood, this stand features a cross sectioned design with lower cross lap joints that keep the stand steady and stable, giving it all the support necessary to hold up most long flintlock pistols with ease. The U-shaped supports are wide enough to fit the broad barrels of flintlocks, and the stand will easily accommodate more modern long-barreled pistols, such as cavalry revolvers, as well. Its design is nothing if not versatile, as it can also be used for display daggers, short blades, and other weapons, too. The rich finish of the wooden stand is a handsome addition to almost any decor. So if you're picking up a pistol, you might want to consider a good display.


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Made Entirely From Rich Hardwood
Features a Fine, Dark Wood Finish
Braced for Strength and Stability
Length: 8.5 inches
Width: 2.75 inches

Weight: 2 lbs.

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