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LOUIS XIV MINATURE REPLICA CANNONNobleWares Image of Louis Xiv Miniature non-firing replica Cannon model 404 by Denix of Spain 404 DENIX
Designed by French officer Florent-Jean de Vallière, this handsome Louis XIV miniature cannon is typical of the ones used from the 17th century through the Revolutionary War. This particular mini cannon measures 17.7" x 8.7" and features metal-rimmed rotating wheels, wood carriage, and a 13" ornately embossed brass-finish movable barrel. It also comes with a detachable rammer and powder ladle. A treasure for any Revolutionary War enthusiast, this outstanding cannon makes an impressive display in any home or office.


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Dimensions: 17.7"
Barrel Length: 13"
Material: Wood & Cast Metals
Non-firing Replica
Weight: 3 lbs 8 oz

  Although weapons like the cannon's shown in the clip were used in smaller numbers, they were capable of doing more damage than muskets. A very effective antipersonnel weapon, the cannon could fire various types of shot. Although the archetypical round shot or the cannon "ball" was often fired, what was most effective against an oncoming infantry force was known as a "canister" shot. As the name suggests, it was a container or a canister packed full of musket balls. When fired, the balls are sent out in a horrific cone of lead, much like a giant shotgun. Depending on the size of the cannon, each canister could contain from 30-40 musket balls devastating everything in its path.
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