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List Price: $42.00
Our Price: $32.95

• Black Leather & Multi-Tone Hide
Steel Stud & Embossed Flap
• 3 Steel Chained Hide Tassels
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COWHIDE SEMI-DRESS SCOTTISH SPORRAN image of multi-tone Cowhide Semi-dress Scottish SporranNW203282
Sporran comes from the Gaelic sporan and Irish sparan, meaning purse or pouch. Part of the traditional dress of the Scottish Highlanders, this leather pouch is meant to hang within easy reach from the front of the belt on the kilt. This Semi-Dress Sporran is fashioned in black leather with beautiful multi-tone cow hide chest and is front snap closure. The flap is edged in silver stitching and is adorn with steel studs and embossed knotwork designs. It has three leather hide tassels on its front that are fitted with steel chains and polished caps. Elegant and functional in design this sporran comes complete with chain belt and D loop for fitting adjustments up to 45 inches. The Sporran has an integrated belt loop on its back. A semi-dress Sporran is intended for semi formal events as well as day wear events.


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Length: 8"L x 2"W x 8"H
Height opened: 11 1/4"
Latch: Stainless Steel Pin & Chain
Material: Black Leather w/ Brown Hide
Tassel: Hide Strips w/ Steel chain

Belt: Leather, Steel Chain & Fittings
Belt Size: Fits up to 45"

Weight: 13.8 oz

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

The "working sporran" was usually very basic - a large circle of leather with holes punched around the periphery and then drawn together with a thin leather thong and attached to the belt. For dressier occasions- usually the prerogative of the financially better-off - the sporran was much more ornate and hung at the front, either on the waist belt or on its own sporran belt. A huge range of indulgent designs appeared with silver cantles and tassels. Most were made of animal skins such as otter, badger, goat and seal and by the late 1800s there appeared the sporan molach or hair sporran usually made from goat skins and so large that it almost covered the front of the kilt.

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