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Our Price: $149.99

• Forged High-Carbon Blade
Fully functional
• Scabbard included
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FUNCTIONAL SCOTTISH DIRK Functional Scottish Dirk 88SD by Cold Steel(88SD) by COLD STEEL
Cold Steel's version is a modern replica that harkens back to an earlier form, when the dirk was a functioning tool and weapon. The 13" blade is forged to a hard spring temper from 1055 Carbon steel. It measures 1 1/2" wide and comes fully sharpened and battle-ready, prepared to hew down any foe. The attractive carved and studded Rosewood handle is capped with a contrasting blued-steel guard, bolster and disc-shaped threaded pommel, and an handsome leather scabbard completes the package. The scabbard features an extra wide belt loop with a blued-steel throat and chape. This is the perfect companion piece to complete your Highland ensemble; a real fighting dirk, instead of a useless piece of metal decoration.
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Overall: 18 3/8"
Blade Length: 13"
Blade Edge: Very Sharp
Handle: 5 3/8" Studded Rosewood
Steel: 1055 Carbon
Weight: 1 lb 1 oz
Scabbard: Leather w/ blued-steel

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

88SD Functional Scottish Dirk by Cold Steel
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  The Scots took on and beat the mightiest army in Europe in the early 1300s. Using the dirk and claymore, they continued to fight for 400 years with devastating effect.
The dirk was usually worn with the scabbard affixed to the belt just to the right of the Sporran. In battle, though, the highlander preferred his basket hilt and targe once his firearm had been discharged and cast aside. The targe is a small round shield, usually leather covered, with a mean diameter of 19.5". The back was usually furnished with a strap for the arm to pass through and a grip of leather or iron grasped by the left hand. There are accounts that the dirk was sometimes held in the left hand along with the targe; the dirks' points face down. Many have speculated that a dirk held in this fashion could be used for backhanded slashes when an opponent closes in.
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