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List Price: $
Our Price: $42.95

• Stainless Steel Blade
Traditionally Styled
• Utility Knife & Fork

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SCOTTISH DIRK COMBOScottish Dirk Knife & Fork Combo BK1093(BK1093)
The dirk was usually worn with the scabbard affixed to the belt just to the right of the Sporran. The Scots took on and beat the mightiest army in Europe in the early 1300s. using the dirk and claymore. They continued to fight for 400 years with devastating effect. Featuring an 11 1/2" blade with Damascus style etching similar to the original piece, this Dirk Combo features a traditional handle with faux jeweled pommel which coordinates with the accessory knife and fork which are secured within the sheath fittings. The dirk handles features beautiful carved basket weave designs, dotted with silver tacks and are made of tough durable black composite plastic. The Dirk measures 17 1/2" overall. The utility knife measures 7 1/8 inches and the fork measures 6 inches in length. A great and affordably priced gift for groomsmen or participants of any Scottish or medieval wedding or ceremonial event that welcomes a scottish flair.


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Overall: 17 1/2"
Blade Length: 11 1/2"
Handle Length: 6"
Material:Silicone Plastic Composite
Point of Balance: 1"
Blade: Single edged Stainless Steel with Simulated Damascus etching.

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

BK1093 Dirk Knife and Fork Combination made in China

As the musket and bayonet grew in popularity in military many regimental budgets became stretched thin. The dirk was dropped from the gear of the rank and file soldier, though officers still carried them, more as status symbols than weapons of war. As Dirk designs evolved, fancier fittings for both grip and scabbard appeared, often of silver, became even more common after 1800 and the decorations showed direct correlations to silverware of the day. By-knives and forks were similarly decorated. These extra implements began to feature cairngorms and other precious stones on their pommels, a feature that found its way to the pommel of the dirk itself. Late examples like this Dirk combo shown above, have the pommel of the dirk canted forward to better show off the stone.

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Utility Knife: 7 1/8"
Utility Fork: 6"
Utensil Blades: Stainless Steel
Handles: Molded Silicone Plastic
Scabbard: 14 1/8" Molded Silicone Plastic Composite with cast metal ornate fittings

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