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  AH3271 Deepeeka
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Our Price: $63.90

• Carved Wood Handle
Pommel & Sheath Decoration

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WOOD HANDLE BOLLOCK DAGGER Wood Handle Bollock Dagger AH3271(AH3271) by Deepeeka
This Bollock dagger has an unsharpened blade of high carbon steel. The guard, pommel and grip are of one piece of hand carved wood. According to James D. Forman's book The Scottish Dirk, "These daggers had blades most suitable for "stabbing,". The 10 1/4 inch blade is forged in high carbon steel and carries and hawk head stamp centered close to the hilt. Although the blade comes factory dull for safe use one can easily sharpen to meet personal specifications for a fully functional piece of scottish weaponry. The nicely finished wood handle has been cored and fitted with a polished decorative brass plate at its butt end, while a brass plate guard protects at the hilt. It has a one-piece round design wood handle with double ball guard. Included is a beautiful brown stitched leather sheath with riveted belt loop. Two matching brass decorative pieces are affixed to the pommel and sheath making a striking pair that are ready to perform.


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Overall: 15 1/2"
Blade Length: 10 1/4"
Steel: EN45 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness: 3.7mm - 3mm
Edge: Unsharpened (can be sharpened)
Handle: Wood w/ brass accents
Grip Length: 3 3/8"
Weight: 7.2 oz
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Wood Handle Bollock Dagger in Sheth AH3271 by Deepeeka
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The Ballock Dagger (aka Bollock) was popular dagger of the highland Middle Ages with military men and civilians alike. This dagger is named for the rather phallic shape of its hilt: two round protuberances are surmounted by a cylindrical grip. Added to this is the fact that it was often worn front-and-center on the belt, with the grip pointing straight up, it is easy to see why people in more prudish times have preferred to call it a "kidney dagger."

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