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  5202 Marto
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MINIATURE SCOTTISH CLAYMORESImage of Miniature Scottish Claymores 5202 by Marto of Toledo Spain (5202.1, 5202.2) by Marto of Spain
The Scottish claymore was the typical weapon of the Highland warriors during the late Middle Age. As a tribute to this mighty weapon, Marto offers these 6 inch Claymore minatures. The Marto line of Mini-Swords are miniature replicas based on the Marto the full-sized swords, all with fully tempered blades and correctly detailed hilts. The steel blades are mirror polished and equipped with long fullers and feature an engraved ricasso identifying the blade by its proper name. The Marto Claymore Mini Swords are available in Gold (5202.1) or Silver (5202.2) finishes (each sold separately). Each comes complete with an attractive parchment presentation sleeve identifying the sword type, origin and approximate period of use. A pleasing gift for any sword entusiast, collector, or Marto sword fan.


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Overall Length: 6"
Guard Width: 2 1/4"
Blade Width: 5/16"
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Available in Gold or Silver finish
Weight: 1.9 oz.
Hilt: Fashioned after Marto Model 751
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.


King James VI of Scotland succeeded Elizabeth I when she died childless in 1603, effectively uniting Scotland and England beneath one rule. The Scottish Royal Arms had, up to that point, used two unicorns as shield supporters. The English Arms had used a variety of supporters, but most frequently had included a lion. In a tactful gesture then, he placed a lion upon the left of the new Arms, and a unicorn upon the right. This was a potent bit of symbolism, for both the lion and the unicorn had long been thought to be deadly enemies: both regarded as king of the beasts, the unicorn rules through harmony while the lion rules through might, it came to symbolize a reconciliation between the Scottish unicorn and the English lion that the two should share the rule.


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