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CLAYMORE SWORD LETTER OPENER Image of 3047 Claymore letter opener and stand by Denixi(3047) by Denix of Spain
Two-handed and broad, this weapon was considered a rough tool which none-the-less became deadly in the hands of a skilled user. Now you can have the two finger version ready to wield at any stray solicitation or electric bill that happens across your desk. With a round, medallion-like pommel and a guard that angles slightly towards the swords point, this Denix replica preserves all the ornate features that would have been used to decorate an original Scottish claymore. The hilt is of cast metal alloy and has been given a golden antiqued finish accentuating its fine detailing. The hilt is adorn with a Scottish thistle on its pommel, a Rampant lion on its ferrule amid crosshatch and scrollwork. The Claymore Letter Opener is available as a stand alone or can be purchased with companion stand, when not in your hands. If were to continue this rhyming mood we might say "and all for a grand", but that would be ridiculous. The blade is of mirror polished stainless steel with a nice blood groove running its length. Don't worry, the blade is not razor sharp; but regardless, be careful rattling through those solicitations that tell you of your free trip to the Bahamas... in all the excitement you could easily poke your eye out. Now that I think of it, you may wish to go another layer of safety and also opt for the beautiful leather wrap scabbard to complete the set. (No worries, all can be sorted in the Shopping cart after you hit the add button above... Enjoy!)

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Overall Length: 10"
Guard Width: 3"
Blade Width: 7/16"
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Hilt Material: Gold finished Metal Alloy
Letter Opener Weight: 2.6 oz.
Stand: 2"Lx2 1/2"Wx 4 1/2"H
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.
Keep your mighty Claymore at the ready with this matching gold finish stand. The stand's design consists of three conjoined lions paws that support a vertical pillar forming a sword pedestal of sorts..or PAWdestal, or hey maybe some they should call it a tri-pawd? Anywho, it certainly makes an awesome and secure stand for the Claymore Letter Opener while in waiting to be of service to its King. Claymore Letter Opener Stand 3000 by Denix of Spain

King James VI of Scotland succeeded Elizabeth I when she died childless in 1603, effectively uniting Scotland and England beneath one rule. The Scottish Royal Arms had, up to that point, used two unicorns as shield supporters. The English Arms had used a variety of supporters, but most frequently had included a lion. In a tactful gesture then, he placed a lion upon the left of the new Arms, and a unicorn upon the right. This was a potent bit of symbolism, for both the lion and the unicorn had long been thought to be deadly enemies: both regarded as king of the beasts, the unicorn rules through harmony while the lion rules through might, it came to symbolize a reconciliation between the Scottish unicorn and the English lion that the two should share the rule. spacer
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