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List Price: $42.00
Our Price: $32.90

• Fully Functional Mouthpiece & Chanter
Compact Size
• Beautifully finished Cocuswood pipes
• Chanter Reeds included
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JUNIOR COCUSWOOD TOY BAGPIPE image of Junior Cocuswood Toy BagpipeNW-402 by LINKER.
Authentic miniature toy bagpipes, made for children, that play just like the real thing (well sort of)! Designed to be fun to play, this "toy" bagpipe has functionality in a compact size! Learn breath control, finger patterns and scales on the fully-functioning mouthpiece and chanter. Like the real instrument, your child must inflate the bagpipe via the mouthpiece which, in turn, fills the bag with air. Once full, your child squeezes the bag (which is placed under the arm) and begins playing the bagpipe like a recorder. The design features 3 non-functioning cocuswood "dummy" drones to help give an overall feel of handling the pipes, nicely finished quality Cocuswood, and 100% cotton tartan plaid cloth to give it that traditional "Scottish" look. Includes a bag cover for extra protection. The bag is lined to prevent loss of air pressure. These Junior Bagpipes are great for marching and fun to practice on, and so beautifully crated that when not in use they create a wonderful Scottish ambiance as home decor.

Note: For "non-toy" Fully Functional Bagpipes please see our Scottish Highland full size and traditional half size Bagpipes and Practice Chanters here.


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Cocuswood Drones, Mouthpiece, Chanter
Lined Cotton Bag that inflates
2 practice Chanter Reeds
Small Junior Size
Bag Length: approx. 12"
Longest Pipe Length: approx. 14"


Watch these videos (some quite hilarious) of people making their first attempts to play "music" through their toy junior pipes.
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Maybe you, or someone you know, is up for a Toy Junior Pipe Challenge? Let the fun begin!
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