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NW604 Sialkot Pakistan
List Price: $34.00
Our Price: $24.90

Engraved nickeled ferrule, sole
Rosewood Body
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ROSEWOOD BAGPIPE PRACTICE CHANTER NobleWares Image of Rosewood Bagpipe Practice Chanter made in Pakistan NW604NW604
Oddly enough, it is recommended that a beginner not start with a set of bagpipes. That need will arise several months down the road. Instead, you should always start with a practice chanter, which is a small oboe-like instrument that is very affordable and quiet. Played by itself, the bagpipe practice chanter is a reed instrument which is used as a practice option for the Great Highland Bagpipe by both beginner and professional. The practice chanter requires much less air and is easier to blow than a full set of pipes, so it is commonly used by beginners to learn proper fingering and basic play. After learning basic skills, the beginner can advance to a full set of pipes. Secondly, a practice chanter is much quieter than a set of bagpipes, so it is more suitable for indoor practice even for experienced players. It also has the added benefit of being easier to tune and maintain than the full bagpipe. This Rosewood Chanter is traditional size, engraved nickeled ferrule and sole, and includes a Chanter Reed. Key of B-flat. Approximately 19 inches long assembled. The stock on our chanters is approximately .595 -.61 inches (around 9/16-5/18") in diameter.


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Size: 19"
Ferrule & Sole: Engraved, Nickel finish
Body Material: Rosewood
Includes a Chanter Reed

Ready To Play!


Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece

Inspired Instruction:
Our favorite Piper Instructional Youtube Clips that are certain to inspire and inform! Check'em out.

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Did you know: The world's largest manufacturers of traditional bagpipes, outside of Scotland, are in Pakistan, in the industrial city of Sialkot.
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