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BBTMM Bridget Drum Company

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DOUBLE MALLET TIPPERNobleWares Image of Bridget Drums Wood Double Mallet Bodhran Tipper BBTMM by Bridget Drum Co (BBTMM)
The bodhran is played with a wooden stick called a tipper, bone, beater or cipin. Tippers were originally made from a double-ended knuckle bone but now in the modern age, usually crafted from a variety of hard woods including ash, holly or hickory. There are also "brush ended tippers" where, quite literally one end is a brush.
This Double Mallet Tipper by Bridget measures approximately 9-1/2 inch in length and features a balanced two-knob design with a raised center for better grip and accurate finger placement. Made of lathe-turned birch hardwood and given a smooth natural finish, this tipper feels right at home in your hand. The beater ends measure about 1" inch each.


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Overall Length: 9.5"
Overall Width: 1"
Construction: Lathe-turned hardwood
Material: Birch 1260-1470 hardness
Weight: 1.2 oz.

Although most common in Ireland, the bodhrán is a frame drum that has gained popularity throughout the Celtic music world, especially in Scotland, Cape Breton, North mainland Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The bodhrán has also found application within the Celtic music of Galicia, often accompanying the gaita gallega (galician bagpipes). The drum is struck either with the bare hand or with a lathe-turned piece of wood called a bone, tipper, beater, or cipín.

play buttonAbout the Clip (Right) An introduction to the bodhran (Bow-rawn) Irish frame drum, by Jesse Ferguson, the Bard of Cornwall. This is a re-recording of his earlier tutorials.
His CD is available at:
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