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  Model 751 MARTO
List Price: $
Our Price: $459.95

• Tempered Stainless Steel Blade
Beautiful Hilt Detail
• Museum Quality

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SCOTTISH CLAYMORE 751 Scottish Claymore by Marto of Spain(751) MARTO of Spain
This famous two handed battle sword stands 57 inches in length and has a double edged blade that is crafted out of the famous tempered 440 Toledo stainless steel. There is no other Claymore reproduction that can compare to its quality and craftsmanship. Decorated with gold and silver ornaments in the hilt and hardwood wood handle, the spherical pommel features two beasts, a lion and single horned Unicorn entwined, piercing each other in mutual battle, whilst the long tapered wood handgrip is decorated with gold Fleur De Lys and silver unicorns. The hilt extends down grasping the blade and is adorned with Lions in gold relief.
King James VI of Scotland succeeded Elizabeth I when she died childless in 1603, effectively uniting Scotland and England beneath one rule. The Scottish Royal Arms had, up to that point, used two unicorns as shield supporters. The English Arms had used a variety of supporters, but most frequently had included a lion.
In a tactful gesture then, he placed a lion upon the left of the new Arms, and a unicorn upon the right. This was a potent bit of symbolism, for both the lion and the unicorn had long been thought to be deadly enemies: both regarded as king of the beasts, the unicorn rules through harmony while the lion rules through might, it came to symbolize a reconciliation between the Scottish unicorn and the English lion that the two should share the rule.


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Overall Length: 57"
Blade Length: 41 3/4"
Point of Balance: 7"
Handle Length: 14"
Steel: 440 Tempered Stainless
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Although this product features a blade of high quality, strength, and temper, this item is not recommended, intended nor manufactured for battle and is thus classified as a "decorative sword".

Marto has been a leader in quality for nearly 50 years. The exquisite detailing as exemplified in this museum quality replica Scottish Claymore has established Marto as skilled artisans of the finest decorative swords available in the world today.

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